FAST POST 48: We Must Be Resilient, But…

I see nothing wrong with the mentality of resiliency in times of crisis. It’s natural to us Filipinos. But our incompetent government is using this as excuse to make us wait of their quick response, especially for those who are most affected. And sorry to say, the media must be partly blamed for over-romanticizing Filipino resiliency to the point of making the victims feel self-pity of their situation.

We have to stay resilient and remain hopeful. On the other hand, we must be vigilant in making our public servants accountable for neglecting to respond quickly and attentively. In the midst of every storm surge, heavy rains and strong winds, swift actions can save more lives.

Our people in the government must remember the very purpose of service in times of crisis: Resiliency is a virtue but responsibility is a must.

Be resilient. Be faithful. Be vigilant.