FAST POST 42: Sometimes, Ignorance is Fine

I actually don’t get people who are afraid to say “I don’t know” just because they don’t want to look ignorant and dumb. Sometimes, they throw things arrogantly to the point that they’re violently defensive when being corrected.

Let’s not take it the academic or professional ways. In life, the three-word response “I don’t know” is not a sign of stupidity. Rather, it’s plain honesty and natural humility. No one knows everything. No one handles all the knowledge. Surely, even the most intelligent person doesn’t know a lot of things.

Saying “I don’t know” is fine. Instead, it’s a key for everyone to allow ourselves to learn what we ought to learn. Most importantly, do not pretend that we know everything. In this online age that information can be easily manipulated and can be twisted, remember that saying something we really don’t know can ruin friendships and relationships and, worse, can create chaos.

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