The Angel’s Cry Has Fallen…

Minsan lang ako gumawa ng tula sa wikang Ingles (napilitan pa akong gawin ito para sa isang masayang moment ng aking unang pag-ibig. Cheesy! LoL!). Ito’y aking ginawa pa noong 2006. Sana’y ma-appreciate nyo kahit konti. Enjoy!

The Angel’s Cry Has Fallen…


The touch of humid air lapse through my sweat-filled skin,

While reading Orpheus and Eurydice’s lovely tale,

I feel the tough stream that Pegasus’ wings have made,

And the hammer of Thor strikes the heaven square.


Here comes the robust wind, hitting chimes from the window.

Parched leaves from Baobab trees wing the eclectic field.

Blue skies go dark and the bleak clouds combine into one.

The lion’s roar has heard, the angel’s cry has fallen.


One by one, seed-like fluids give life to this doomed soil.

Every droplet pours the pond of the dispirited;

The cool aura brings the chill for those who are gloomy;

And the wicked sounds of lightning earn valor for me.


Looking at the firmament, thinking of sad moments,

Believing that like rain, this will stop in God’s good time.

Sleeping in a bench while dreaming of something big,

After the rain, the day will be bright and positive.




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